21.5. Kaupunki on kuumaakin kuumempi! Ovet aukeavat klo.20.00 / Showtime 21.00 Liput

HOT IN HELLSINKI- Burlesque Spring Partee

Helsinki Burlesquen vuotuinen kevätrieha uudella nimellä ja hiukan uudella fiiliksellä. Paikkana perinteikäs Ravintola Kaisaniemi.
Glitteriä ja rokkia, kansainvälisiä tähtiä, kotimaisia konkareita ja kirsikkana kakun päällä aivan uunituoreita tulokkaita.

Esitellään tässä vielä esiintyjäkaarti kuvin joita ei välttämättä FBssä sensuroimatta sulateta



Raven ( GER/AUS)Photo Alexander Edwards


Nuit Blanche (Italy)

Nuit Blanche (Italy)


Bent Van Der Bleu

Bent Van Der Bleu by JBM


Bettie Blackheart by Qumma

Bettie Blackheart by Qumma


Blue´n´Bizarre by Mervi Hämäläinen

Blue´n´Bizarre by Mervi Hämäläinen



Frank Doggenstein by JBM


Luc Pascal Pierre

Luc Pascal Pierre


Margaret Toucher by Mira Strengell

Margaret Toucher by Mira Strengell


Miss Acrolicious by JBM

Miss Acrolicious by JBM

Olivia Rouge

Olivia Rouge by Janne Pappila

Olivia Rouge by Janne Pappila

Pepper Sparkles

Pepper Sparkles by laura Karppanen

Pepper Sparkles by laura Karppanen

Poppy Pelagia

Poppy Pelagia by BernhardMiettinen

Poppy Pelagia by BernhardMiettinen

Taabe Guggemheim-Kennedy

Taabe Guggenheim-Kennedy by Minna Lehtinen

Taabe Guggenheim-Kennedy by Minna Lehtinen

Sir Willy Waterlily


photo by Ra Kai Photography, makeup by Sini


photo by Ra Kai Photography, makeup by Sini

Stage Kitten Superheroines
Dotty Delirium

Lauren Fuckall


Illan isäntänä Black Peider

Dj Fiona Timantti

Liput 25 e (+ eteispalvelymaksu)



Uskomaton työpajaspesiaali! Burleskimaailman kärkinimet, Kitten ja Lou saapuvat Suomeen!
Burleskinstituutti tarjoaa mahtavan mahdollisuuden nauttia huippuopetuksesta sekä Turussa että Helsingissä!Turku 10.5. Ilmoittautuminen käynnissä!
Helsinki 11.5. LOPPUUNMYYTY!

11.5. HELSINKI / Helsingin ilmot /HUOMIO!! OTSIKKO VIESTI KITTEN JA LOU PAJA ( tämä on tärkeää SInulle, jotta ilmot eivät mene hukkaan!!!!)
Helsingin pajat Ruoholahdessa Kaapelitehtaalla.
Ilmoittautuminen alkaen 5.4. klo 10.00
Kitten N’ Lou’s CAMP Camp: 16.30-18.00
Embrace your inner camp queen or king as Kitten & Lou guide you through various
tricks and tools to infuse your burlesque with a shot of hilarity! Beginning with a dance
based warm up for your body and brain, we will integrate Kitten N’ Lou’s choreographic
stylings with structured theatrical exercises to develop skills that command an
audience’s attention and take them on a ride. Play with ideas of slapstick, facial
exaggeration, and comedic timing, as you learn to toe the line of sex and comedy.
Funny is sexy!!
Burlesque Performers are Superheros! 18.15-19.45
or… Character Development with Lou Henry Hoover
Find out why burlesque performers are superheroes and the answers to other questions
about “persona based performance.” How do we develop onstage characters that are
both specific and have range? In this workshop we will dig into that wealth of material -
FEELINGS! – as the root of our performing personalities.
“Beyond Pretty”: Drag Makeup for Burly Gals by Kitten LaRue 20.00-21.30
You’ve been practicing your faces in the mirror, and they look great – now how to make
sure that every wink, smile, snarl, and pout can be seen by your audience? Makeup!
Kitten LaRue digs deep into her bag of drag tricks to share the basics of creating drama
with contour, highlight, eyebrow sculpting, and beating that face for the gods! Learn
techniques to heighten and exaggerate both the feminine and the expressive qualities of
your face to magnify every bat of an eyelash to the back of the house. All gender
presentations welcome!!
Pajojen hinnat
1 paja 40 euroa
2 pajaa 35 euroa (yht 70 euroa)
3 pajaa 30 euroa (yht 90 euroa)
ABOUT KITTEN N’ LOU:A marriage made up of one part “polished, clever, and glamorous” (Dita Von
Teese) from Kitten LaRue and one part “hilarious dance magic” (The
Stranger) from Lou Henry Hoover could be none other than Kitten N’ Lou!
This “camp, show-stopping couple” (The UK Daily Mail) uses burlesque, drag,
dance, and theater to make performance that has been called “brilliantly
deranged” (Time Out New York) and “genius” (The Huffington Post). Kitten
N’ Lou were crowned Most Comedic at the 2014 Burlesque Hall of Fame,
honored as 2014 Artists of the Year by City Arts Magazine, and most recently
voted the #1 burlesque artists in the world in the Burlesque Top Fifty by 21st
Century Burlesque. Known for their signature brand of highly choreographed
comedic camp extravaganzas, this dynamic duo has dazzled audiences
across the globe, headlining festivals such as the Helsinki Burlesque Festival
and Viva Las Vegas. They recently debuted their two-person show
OVEREXPOSED at the Fringe World Festival in Perth, and are kicking off their
US tour at Joe’s Pub in NYC. You can find both of them starring in The
Atomic Bombshells, the burlesque supertroupe Kitten has Produced/Directed
for a decade to critical acclaim. Lou has been recognized with numerous
grants and awards for his work as a choreographer in the US, including most
recently the 2016 Emerging Artist Award in dance from the University of
Michigan. Kitten N’ Lou collaborate extensively with drag artist
BenDeLaCreme as DeLouRue Presents. Kitten N’ Lou recently made their
television debut with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on the PBS Great
Performances special Cheek to Cheek. !!
“A genius invention.” (The Huffington Post 2015) !
“…brilliantly deranged…” (Time Out New York 2015) !
“Kitten N’ Lou revolutionize camp.” (CityArts Magazine 2014) !
“Sheer slick silliness… tight, excellent, eye-candy”
(Burlesque Beat 2015) !
“Outrageously camp… show-stopping couple!”
(The UK Daily Mail 2013) !
“Absurdist duo Kitten N’ Lou’s larger than life groove had the audience
cheering” (Huffington Post, 2014)
“It’s full-on lazzi—campy and hilarious, seriously crafted without taking itself
seriously. For these stars of self-invention, sequins and makeup don’t mask
their real selves. They magnify them. (CityArts Magazine 2014) !
“A florescent Fred and Ginger” (21st Century Burlesque) !
“Breathtaking…the tightest unison choreography I’ve seen in a long
time.” (Burlesque Beat, 2013) !
“Lou Henry Hoover is a treasure beyond measure, a genius, a jewel, a
muse.” (The Stranger, 2014) !
“Kitten LaRue is like the Patti Smith of Burlesque” (Burlesque Seattle Press,
2012) !
“Insanely fun to watch” (Verbicide Magazine, 2014)
Golden Pastie Award: Painted Ladies (Best Makeup Skills, 2015)
Golden Pastie Award: Chameleon Award (2015)
City Arts 2014 Artists of the Year
Most Comedic of The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2014 Burlesque Top
Fifty 2013 and 2014
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s BEST DRESSED OF 2013 !!

Helsinki Burlesque Spring News!

Hey hey hey and THANK YOU each and everyone involved in the 9th Annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival! I feels great to move forward to the 10th and final event we are going to call a festival. Next year will be our 10th year and the whole year will be FULL of celebration. Parties, exhibitions and of course the festival, themed Winter Wonderland! We will be putting out the first tickets allready this spring so stay tuned for info. We are also updating this website all the time, we promise to keep you all updated. You can also follow us on Facebook, but NOT only. We will have some special features here that you will not find anywhere else.

The next events will be Pirates Pleasures 14.4. and 12.5. and the HOT in HELLsinki, Burlesque Spring Partee



Tickets and table reservations from




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1-2-3- GO! It´s here! The 9th Annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival!

The 9th Annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival is Here!

Still some tickets left!

There is room in the sunday workshops, check them out!

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Tältä näytti viime vuonna / This is how it looked last year

HELBF15 trailer from Frank Doggenstein on Vimeo.